TraDove-The Revolutionary business-to-business (B2B) marketing, sales, and trade platform

There has been some buzz about this company so we decided to investigate what it was all about.
The good news is we are going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.
TraDove is a pre-sale offer that produces business with business coins to set up a social business network. It mainly aims to solve the problems encountered in supply chain management.
Issues Faced by TraDove
Increase Transparency in B2B by lessening the time and complexity of due diligence.Match faster, data-based, smarter, and find business partners Lack of Target B2B Advertising

Aid businesses to do live ads
Make use of blockchains to increase trust, comfort, and efficiency in international trade At present, corporate buyers make use of their services freely on platforms and corporate sellers makes use of basic services also for free. The future plan is for sellers to make use of the TraDove BBCoin to pay for priority or value-added utilities, including notifying the seller of the purchaser’s or requested needs with TraDove. TraDove provides a Type ERC20 token named BBCoin making use of the Ethereum Platform.
Nate that, the TraDove offerings have done due diligence in their offerings to obey with all US laws. As TraDove raises funds to build up the token with the promise of sharing tokens to future investors, by giving out tokens instead of initial coin offers, it can be defined as the sale of securities. We did a review discussing all this. You can read though it by clicking here. In order to comply with US legal needs set by the SEC, TraDove makes use of the legal method of Simple Agreement for Future Token (SAFT). Additional offers and their terms are listed on their official page. Take a look at the brief summary below:
PreICO price
1 BBCoin = 0.12 USD
Price in ICO
1 BBCoin = 0.16 USD

Before and on January 10: 30% bonus.
After January 10 and before and on January 20: 20% bonus.
After January 20 and before and on January 31: 10% bonus.

TraDove Tokens for sale

Investment information
investment of 240 USD
Receive BTC, ETH, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 15%
Soft cap 2,000,000 USD
Hard stamp 52.000.000 USD
The business social networks of buyer’s and seller’s can solve many problems, particularly if the platform makes use of artificial intelligence to add value in searching, finding, and matching connections. The data-driven model used by TraDove appears very promising. TraDove’s existing platform links business partners with its business social network just as Facebook links friends and LinkedIn links professionals. This is the product the company wants to improve after raising funds via token offerings.

The new TraDove platform will make use of blockchain-based social networking technology and AI in TraDove to cut down the discovery cycle of purchasers and corporate sellers, expand user confidence, increase B2B transparency, and allow enterprise-to-enterprise precision advertising. Moreover, the TraDove BBCoin will offer better payment instruments for international trade. TraDove has done business for 5 years, it maintains to have 250 thousand corporate users worldwide. Furthermore, he was able to collect $ 4 million for equity investments. It is all very powerful to add trustworthiness to the team and investment. However, all investment comes with risks. In the case of TraDove, it seems like the risk is low if you compare it to the numerous other offers in the crypto and blocking rooms of late.
TraDove is a business to business marketing, sales and trade platform. Their platform allows any company to market and advertise to other companies in a targeted way. The traffic that their platform will provide will be high quality which will be verified. Facebook connects friends. LinkedIn connects professionals. Google provides intelligent search results, eBay provides a passive B2C platform and Alibaba is China centric platform. TraDove connects business partners. While, LinkedIn serves some of the B2B purpose, it is mostly used for HR and job seeking and not for business purposes.

Use of the token/coin:
Their service will be free for corporate buyers and sellers but the BBcoin is to pay for prioritized or value-added utilities such as notifying sellers. Eg you use the coin to pay for the marketing suited to your buyer’s needs. You can use the coin as a form of trade payment method so you don’t need to go through banks with fees and paperwork. The more businesses who facilitate big transactions the more the BBcoin will be worth.

They have a first class team who have worked at MIT, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft, UPS, FEDEX , CISCO, IBM… . They will most likely scale this into a global platform connecting all the delivery and b2b systems together within the next few years. This team is super connected and experienced to make this happen. (There are more members on the site)

Richard Rosenberg – Former Chairman and CEO of bank of America. Has connections with Mastercard and Wells Fargo
Phil Duff – Former CFE of Morgan Stanley
Mike Honda- Retired US Congressman

First B2B cryptocurrency on fast-growing TraDove Business Social Network ready to launch.

Many coin offerings launch with little to no code complete and the killer app that thecoin offering is meant to fund remains an idea in the founder’s head. TraDove is NOT one of these. A highly experienced team of programmers and business managers has been dedicated to creating a fast growing business social network. With TraDove already surpassing a number of its set milestones, the board of directors feel that now is the perfect time to launch a B2B oriented coin offering.TraDove’s BBCoin will serve as a primary payment tool within the TraDove Business Social Network. Users who choose to use BBCoin within their sales, marketing and trade are ensuring the legitimacy of their activities, adding a layer of credibility on top of TraDove’s already existing member screening and reference system. TraDove looks forward to continuing its service to users and the global business community.
TraDove started operation in 2012 and currently serves more than 250,000 business users from over 100,000 businesses worldwide. For more information, please visit

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