Gilgamesh(GIL)-Keep Away Middleman of The Publishing Industry

Have you known a way of removing middle man from publishing industry? This is about it. This vision of transparency and scholarship with a coherent decentralized social media that connects all parties essential in the publishing industry without a centralized structure. Ultimately, Gilgamesh wants to spread scholarship in the egalitarian fashion. The publishing industry has been the negatively affected by new technologies, including the internet itself. While we have everything at our fingertips nowadays, there’s a difference between knowledge and information, and most of what we get on our feeds is just information. There is no simple, meaningful, productive platform that encourages book readers and authors to connect, share ideas, learn from each other, and gain knowledge. Nowadays, it’s hard for readers to socialize with each other, and for authors to get real-time feedback on their work. The industry is plagued by publishing companies who limit authors by editing their work, who retain rights, and take a large share of the earnings. Publishers have essentially become middlemen who hold monetary and legal power. Self-publishing isn’t an option for most authors as it requires a lot of initial capital, and some end up the leaving the industry to make a living elsewhere. Enter the Gilgamesh Platform, a knowledge-sharing social platform powered by blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts that provides its users a simple experience, encouraging authors, readers, and critics to engage and connect with each other, while gaining knowledge.
Rattling The Publishing Industry
The Gilgamesh platform is essentially an open market in which users can socialize, find, buy, review, and discuss books. This gives them direct influence over the publishing industry, and allows authors to publish their work directly, giving them full control of their own work. Through a social app that connects readers, authors, and other knowledge people, there’s an incentive to discuss specific chapters, books, and ideas, effectively allowing users to become more knowledgeable and incentivizing them to read more books and embrace new points of view The platform also creates an ecosystem that helps service providers’ aid authors. To do this, it introduces a marketplace of service providers that can get paid for their work. Book cover designers, proofreaders, copy editors, and translators, for example, are all a part of the marketplace. On the Gilgamesh Platform, authors will be able to browse service providers by rating, type, and fee. Given that they won’t need to partner with publishers to get their books out there, they’ll see higher returns on their work and will be motivated to keep on writing amazing books. With the use of blockchain technology, the Gilgamesh platform encrypts and stores book contents on IPFS and Ethereum smart contracts, and adds governance to its platform with the use of its own Ethereum-based token, the GIL token. The GIL token is the platform’s currency: it can be used to buy books and ebooks, purchase services from service providers, and to govern the Gilgamesh Platform, as token holders will be able to vote on changes that are to be applied to the platform. Users who meaningfully engage with the platform – by writing a book review, for example – will be rewarded with GIL tokens.

How Dose This Applicable?
Since, publishers widely dictate the conditions of publication, many writers are tied to other means of employment to sustain livelihood. Traditional centralized publishing has dominated the economics and modulated the writer’s ease of artistic expression and the proliferation ideas. In order to ameliorate the relation between author and reader, Skiral Incorporated developed Gilgamesh an Android and iOS platform. Gilgamesh is a decentralized blockchain social media platform for authors that want quality publishing services directly as well as direct advertising on a social app while completely retaining copyright. Gilgamesh implements this with two developments Plato and Homer. Gilgamesh achieves decentralization and privacy through the implementation of the blockchain technology, IPFS, and GIL, an ERC 20 token, for use on the Ethereum platform. Featuring smart contracts that allow for the democratization of dApps, the Ethereum platform is the perfect construct for a social media dApp that also functions as a decentralized media publisher. In Gilgamesh’s Plato release, a social network platform that enables book readers and authors to socially connect and engage, book readers can follow other readers, write a review on a book and also add their favorite book to their profile, the app will also reward productive engagements and activities with GIL token. The current publishing industry is centralized and riddled by the promise of capital. Publishers often act as an authoritative middleman by deciding what is published. Publishers also retain the bulk of the legal power deciding how terms are negotiated with the author. With publishers acting as the gate between writers and readers, the voice of the author is often the diminished by a lack of connection with the audience. And often times many writers wanting to be published don’t have a choice as self-publishing is often more expensive and time consuming option depending on the scale. This is a cost most writers simply cannot afford. Traditional publishing represents the only way to international recognition for writers.
The Technology
In the Gilgamesh’s Homer, publication is achieved through Interplanetary File sharing or IPFS. IPFS is a file distribution system utilizing cryptographic that ensures privacy and originality. By providing a hyperlink the stamped with the original time IPFS allows distribution between pertinent parties without tampering, and it also allows for anonymity in the publication process. In brief, IPFS provides authors with the discretion while maintaining access to readers. Plato inspires the proliferation of ideas without the censorship. On the Gilgamesh platform, readers are encouraged to comment on the author’s work for GIL. This implementation of smart contracts in the commentary system allows readers to become holders of GIL and in turn take part of the the democratization of the dApp. In this community transactions from ad, publication, and distribution services go to the Gilgamesh Foundation. However, unlike centralized publishers, all GIL will go toward the encouragement of growth of the platform. A voting dapp is currently uploaded on the Ethereum Test Net for token holders. The process to vote is as filling out a form for Gilgamesh and contributing to a smart contract.

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