TokenLend(TLN)-Decentralized Currency for The Loan Transaction

Have you known a decentralized platform for the loan transaction? This is about it. In the traditional banking system, secured loans have been a cause of concern for both — the loan seekers and the investors. The loan seekers have to go through the long drawn and tedious process of documentation before they can avail the loan. One slight fault in the documents, and the entire loan process gets disrupted. Even with all these documentations, the loan seekers run the risk of getting rejected for their application. International investors have also complaint about the lack of a universal, decentralized currency for the loan transactions, which results in an uneven margin of interest they receive on their investments. The government intrusion with their complex taxation policies have made the entire process of loan transactions complicated and ineffective. In the world, where international business transactions have become a norm, there is no reason for loan seekers and contributors to operate under an archaic, red-tape ridden system.
TokenLend(TLN)-The Token
Tokenlend has come forward as the solution to all these problems. Being a blockchain technology based system, Tokenlend provides a decentralized platform for all the loan transactions. The loan seekers no longer have to worry about going through the complicated documentation process to get their loans sanctioned. The democratic nature of the blockchain technology makes it possible for anyone to get loans against a particular mortgage. Tokenlend has made the loan market accessible for all; beyond international boundaries and socio-political constraints. For international contributors, safety of their investment is a major issue. Since Tokenlend uses smart contracts for the transactions, the contributor’s investment remains secure with the platform. The contributors can enjoy even profits against their investments as the platform functions in a universal currency, solving the problem of the uneven margins of interest. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at how Tokenlend makes the loan market universally accessible with the fewer risks and higher profits.
How Tokenlend(TLN) Work?
Tokenlend works as a reliable decentralized ecosystem for all loan transactions. The key advantages of this loan transaction system are:
It provides an open market for all loan seekers.
A smoothness in loan transaction by reducing the obstacle of red tapism and complicated taxation policies.
Contributors receive consistent return on investments through smart contracts.
The safety and reliability of a completely decentralized system.

Let’s take an in-depth look at these advantages through the perspective of both loan seekers and contributors and ICO.The entire process begins with the Initial Coin Offering campaign where the TLN Tokens will be put out for sale. The users who buy these tokens will receive an exclusive membership on the Tokenlend P2P platform. Using this membership, users will have the power to invest funds from their account into any of the available loan listed on the Tokenlend P2P platform. Not only that, the token holders will also receive a fixed share of the company’s profits from all its operations including lending, currency conversion, funds withdrawal, loan listing, etc. The fact that the token holders receive fixed profits on a regular basis makes it ideal for the users to buy the tokens. The Initial Coin Offering campaign sparks of processes that ensure a smooth and legitimate loan transaction. Side Note: The TLN Tokens can also be traded outside of the Tokenlend platform as they are ERC-20 Tokens, which means they have an inherent value on exchanges. This gives the users a flexibility to use the TLN Tokens according to their will.
Tokenlend(TLN)-Key Features
Decentralized Architecture
Over the last couple of years, the European P2P lending market has been growing at a significant rate, and business analysts believe that major European nations will greatly benefit from these common lending platforms. Tokenlend is the frontrunner in providing a universally accessible, decentralized lending platform. In the international finance landscape, users are looking to invest on proposals that guarantee a consistent return on investments. On the other hand, loan seekers look for platforms with a simple and user-friendly system to get loans for their businesses. The problem lies in getting these two parties under the same roof, so to speak. Tokenlend does exactly that-providing an effective platform to bring the contributors and loan seekers together for their mutual benefit. For the loan originators, the P2P lending platform is a modern and effective alternative to the traditional banking system. Only ignorance can be the reason for loan seekers to still look towards government bodies and financial institutions for loans. The blockchain technology has made the loan lending system an ideal one, just like it has done with all the other financial domains.
Secondary Market
One of the main features of Tokenlend is the existence of an LPN market, that will enable the users to trade ongoing investments for immediate liquidity. The users can convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currency any time they like. This means that the Tokenlend P2P lending market acts as a great investment opportunity for users across the globe. The fact that there is virtually no risk the involved(due to Ethereum smart contracts and the legal decentralized system), and the guarantee of fixed profit margin makes it a win/win for the contributors.
User friendly System
Tokenlend provides a user friendly system for loan transactions. Due to the blockchain technology, the need for excessive documents, unnecessary middlemen, and government intrusion has been negated. This has benefited both the loan originator and the contributors. To carry out the loan transaction, all they have to do is follow the simple process mentioned above and they are sorted.
Now Its ICO
Real estate investments are tangible investments while funds and bonds are intangible ones. The problem with intangible investment is that it most certainly suffers from depreciation. Secured real estate investments provides the advantage of appreciation with time. TokenLend only deals with secured real estate investments. Loan seekers or investors should contribute to TokenLend ICO because of the following reasons.
Contributors will be able to check status of their funds with their ESCROW accounts.
TokenLend ICO investors will avail more liquidity.
The individuals will get Immediate access to the “Tokens” having capital growth potentials.
All the investors are part of the community.
Contributors get an edge to deploy capital.
Returns on investments in ICOs could be 100%.
Contributors will always have the an alternative financial asset.
Real-Estate is a tangible investment, the contributors can check the capital growth.
TokenLend(TLN)-The Verdict
The loan originators generally offer 10-15% rate of interest to the borrower seeking real estate loans. Moreover they are flexible enough to accept funds from a source offering 5-8% rate of interest. This is when TokenLend comes in front and takes a lead offering a secure link between both the parties involved. Subsequently the TokenLend Platform users have the freedom to freely access contribution opportunities. On the other hand the Loan the originators have the right to access various economical funds also. TokenLend ecosystem is devised to offer flexible fund investment opportunities both for the originators and investors.Based on the exact worth of Loan portfolio, pricing and fees will be the determined. The idea is to make the Loan ecosystem possible for all individuals, lenders and contributors.

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