Casper(CST)-Blockchain Platform for Smart Contract and Dapp

Have you known a Blockchain that has Smart contract and Dapp? This is about it. The cryptocurrency world is dominated by computer programmers. They understand computer bytes and the World Wide Web. They also create Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in order to give you more functionality. The Casper API ICO wants to be your friendly decentralized app (DAPP) standard. It wants to be the foundation on which other computer programmers can build functionality into the blockchain. What does it have to offer.

Now Its ICO Time

A key underlying goal of ICOs is to create a fully-functional Digital World. Right now, local computer resources are used to mine digital coins. Russian Casper CEO ArtemKoltsov wants to expand the usage of local computers by providing an API standard. Generally, the focus of Casper is on creating an infrastructure for decentralized app development. But, hasn’t that already been established? Here are three of the primary goals of the Casper API ICO

  •         Data Storage
  •         File Transfer Rates
  •         Global App Development

The Casper API can be used to provide secure data storage – merchants will not have access to your private data. The Cloud computing sector continues to grow and expand. Perhaps, the Casper API could fuel continued growth. As the blockchains grow, their file transfer rates slow down due to larger file sizes. Casper can help make the applications, more efficient. And, instead of having localized app development, Casper wants to support a global community of app developers united on common ground. There is a dichotomy in the Casper API ICO because it offers decentralized app standards, but also discusses a centralized global approach. Aren’t the two contradictions in terms? It almost seems like Casper wants to centralize decentralized app development. As the cryptocurrency world advances, we see more divisions. Powerful digital coin owners are discussing new hard forks. How many variations of Bitcoin are out there already.One of the key characteristics of the crypto world is its non-monolithic, open-source persona. But, there could be groups that want more control. Websites will want to have more apps to add functionality. The Casper API allows for more freedom. It understands that the World Wide Web is so powerful because of all the underlying standards, such as APIs. Now, it wants to add another standard to handle rising data concerns.

This Casper API represents one more brick in the advancing crypto world. Before computer programmers could choose their favorite programming language. Now, they can choose their favorite API.

How Does The Casper(CST) ICO Work?

The Casper API pre-ICO sale has been completed with more than USD$1 million raised. The CASPER API ICO will create the CST token. The Initial Value is 1 CST = USD$1.20 or so. There will be 44,000,000 CST Tokens Total. The Bounty Campaign started on February 1, 2018 and will proceed until Spring 2018. The plan is to offer tokens in 3 x phases with various bonuses:

Phase 1

6,500,000 tokens

Phase 2

6,500,000 tokens

Phase 3

6,100,000 tokens

That is a total of 19,100,000 tokens sold. The highest bonuses are paid to the earliest investors. Seeing how so many computer programmers are involved in the crypto world, this ICO seems like it would be very popular. This allows them to take their expertise and create the next stage of crypto development. When you invest on the ground floor, you will naturally have more input to the process. And, when computer programmers own the CST coins, they also can profit from its success. The Social Media faves for Casper are Twitter and Facebook (which will have 15% divided amongst them) and Telegram AirDrop (1%). Steemit, Golos, YouTube and Blogs Media will also be used to promote the Casper API (30%).

Casper(CST)-The Features

The Casper API ICO seeks to increase the security, reliability and file transfer speeds of decentralized apps. It is creating the tools for program developers to add functionality to the blockchain. Users should be able to seamlessly integrate Casper API into their present infrastructure. The founders have promised that users will have more privacy. This continues to be an underlying theme of ICOs – many distrust the governments and large multinational corporations. Decentralized cloud-based data storage – files, databases and videos – can be expanded using this universal API.It has been long ago since people sang and danced in front of an audience solely because of love for art. Today, millions and billions of dollars are spinning on the world stage. To see this, it is sufficient to remember the stadiums crowded by thousands of people and to multiple the number of visitors by the ticket price.  The success of the artist, and accordingly his earnings, consist of many factors, including the lyrics, music, etc. In this case, such type of work is the intellectual property of the author and should be protected, but there are people who are trying to take someone else’s work. Such situations are not uncommon-scandals on the basis of violation of someone’s copyright arise regularly: the young performer quails the old hit and gives it for his own work; in a new movie or TV series you can see almost overstated episodes; in books (and especially historical novels) there are excerpts, word for word repeating other people’s works… The relationship of scientific and around-scientific books is especially interesting.  Having realized the scale of the problem, the team of Global Protected Crypto Copyright (GPCC) has decided to create a decentralized service that provides global copyright protection, both on the domestic and international markets. The technical implementation of the idea is based on blockchain technology, and the storage of GPCC is supposed to use ETHEREUM network, but even in this case it is impossible to provide a 100% guarantee of security for the information stored in it. For GPCC the security of personal data is a critical the parameter.

That is why we are glad to inform you about the beginning of cooperation between GPCC and Casper API. As you know, our project provides for the creation of separate storage on the hard drives of service providers, and they can be located in any corner of the globe. However, this is only one of the stages of protection. In addition, it provides for the division of files into parts and their theencryption (encryption keys remain with a user).  Such an approach guarantees the user the inviolability of his data, which perfectly corresponds to the concept laid down in the basis of GPCC. The information stored using the Casper API can notbe found from outsideits parts are stored all over the world, but even if someone manages to calculate the location of the files, they won’t be used-they are encrypted, and the keys are with the owner.

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