Crypto Circle X ( CCX ) – Advanced and Reliable Digital Currency Exchange

Banking operations appeared very long ago, in close contact with the development of cities and trade. The first mention of deposits and storage of accounts can be found three thousand years before our era, in the cities of Mesopotamia. They also occur in other civilizations, from the kingdoms of Egypt to the Indian and Chinese worlds. Banking activities have been justified, in particular in large urban centers, the emergence of real banking activities in combination with specific practices such as credit or receivables for third parties, borrowing or obtaining trade effects, transfers between parties and more or less complex currency or financial operations. The three main features that sometimes served each to determine the “whole” of the bank can serve as benchmarks: the preservation of values ​​on behalf of others or a deposit; money exchange. Today, for active users of banking operations, one of the main requirements is the speed of transactions. Now I will introduce you to the project, which thanks to modern technologies will be able to satisfy the demands of even the pickiest customers. Crypto Circle X plans to radically change the market of crypto currency. After years of intensive research and development, using the latest technology, Crypto Circle X promises to provide one of the most effective and secure crypto-currency exchanges. The main objective? Create a platform that can execute more than 10 million transactions per second

To achieve the best results in this project, the development team introduced artificial intelligence bots and automatic trading functions. In addition, it provides users with access to unique features, such as professional graphics, which provide the ability to conduct timely and highly accurate technical analysis, timely trade alerts. To be attractive and accessible to all types of crypto users, regardless of their experience or prior knowledge in the field of trade, Crypto Circle X guarantees access to a specialized mobile application (and online platform) with a convenient and customizable interface, in which everything will be simple and understandably. The three pillars on which this platform is built reflect the basic needs and desires of the users of the crypto-currency market

Crypto Circle X provides access to this solution by including in its mission these three main objectives

  • The platform does not store user passwords
  • encrypt all information added to the database
  • protects CloudFlare
  • uses two-factor authentication
  • introduces an autonomous multi-signature wallet for storing tokens

Crypto Circle X is built on GoLang-it guarantees a fast, reliable and accurate platform, capable of processing millions of transactions per second. Personally, I have not seen this in another project. In addition, this project uses solutions aimed at exhaustive and accurate analysis of the market, so that all operations are carried out in accordance with the current normative norm and do not affect the actions of participants. In general, the project is quite promising. About him a lot of talk and write. The White Paper and the Roadmap impressed me very much – everything is simple and understandable. All stages are executed in time and in full. In general, friends, I advise everyone to participate


In many cases, the cryptocurrency platform does not implement all the listed functions. Major problems of the current platform


  • The platform is still suspended because it is unstable
  • There is not enough liquidity in the market
  • Transaction costs are still considered high enough for transaction processing
  • Customer service is suspended


With the most advanced and secure technology, Crypto Circle can handle more than 10 million transactions per second. The main thing they want to focus on is the client’s needs. With the 24 hour chat function, the problem may be solved at any time. We also provide multilingual support such as Chinese, English, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Romanian, Russian and Spanish to add languages ​​in the future


Useful information on the sale of Crypto Circle X tokens

  • Ethereum Blockchain CCX current using the ERC 20 protocol (Crypto Circle X).
  • You can purchase tokens at ETH.

The CCX token value is now set to 0.09.

  • The flexible roof is $ 3,000,000.00 with an upper limit of $ 20,000,000.
  • Private sales are held until September 17, 2018. At this stage, participants will receive a 15% bonus on token purchase.
  • The pre-season will be held from September 17 to October 22 with a 7% bonus and will be available at this stage.
  • Main sales will be held from October 22 to November 26.
  • At this stage, 75% of the chips will be available for purchase and the remaining CCX will be allocated to bonuses, equipment and bonuses.
  • Crypto Circle Exchange provides a platform for evaluating ICO tokens. This will be registered in the future. ICE ICO must meet certain requirements. This has to be decided for the voting procedure. However, reliable coins, user bases, cash will be displayed


Protect your investments with the help of Сrypto Circle X, regulated by EU commissions!

Crypto Circle X has an advanced market monitoring system that constantly scans the ecosystem for unusual activity that can lead to manipulation. The system is fully compatible with the regulation rules in the EU market, so that customers can be assured of the safety of their funds. That being said, if you want to participate in the current private sale of CCX, which runs until September 17, you will receive a 15% bonus for your invested funds. The total number of CCX tokens available is 223 million. The team hopes to raise 3 million US dollars as a soft cover and 20 million as a tight cover, quite a reasonable amount of funds needed to maintain such an enterprise. Crypto Circle X provides access to this solution by including in its mission these three main objectives


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