Foresting ( PTON ) – Blockchain Social Media Platform that Rewards for the Contents

The product is really capable of changing the world, creating a more secure financial future for mankind. Long-term vision of the project and an excellent team of professionals make the project attractive for investment. The team is working with technological documentation, discussing and reviewing the deployment technologies in the main network of the block. Developers implement innovations and take an active part in conferences. The expansion of the partner base continues, including such known as Google, Bibox, Sony. This shows the reputation of the project. The Foresting network is accessible to everyone without prior skills and knowledge about the crypto currency or blockchain. The platform interface is simple and user-friendly. A system platform is created that helps the participants to realize their self-realization and achieve the significance of their content. The mission of Foresting is to provide reward for creating content and distribute income among all participants. The new media platform belongs to the highest class of UX / UI projects and supports the most content, in addition to pictures, music and video

Features of the system include

  • an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Compatibility with all computer and mobile devices
  • a wide choice of various sections for every taste
  • support for a large amount of content
  • additional security and privacy control

Also, users will be able to,

  • Extended exchange with the trading function in real time
  • P2P transactions
  • creation of content. The authors receive remuneration in the crypto currency, not just the likes
  • open advertising market


‘’ Interesting Facts about the Project ‘’

Motto – Work four hours a day, and manage your life the rest of the time!


Key components of the project

  • Public media – to connect all the inhabitants of the world by interests
  • Laboratory – to introduce the most daring ideas
  • Bank – to create a unique payment system

You do not need to be a connoisseur or expert in the field of blocking to become a user of the system – it’s enough just to register, as you would have done in any other social network. To support the project and use FORESTING within the network, a token is issued – PTON. At the heart of it – the crypto currency Efirium and compatibility with ERC-20. The project’s crypto currency is protected from the point of view of digital security, which makes it a convenient means of payment in the system

The team of the founders of the project

David Kim

The founder – Specializes in mergers, developer of business architectures

Daniel Eom

CEO, co-founder.

Jimmy Kim

Co-founder, CEO of Startup Radar;

TJ Park


David Lee

Chief Specialist for Strategic Development

The Objective of the platform

The platform is also aimed at providing an intuitive service for users, rather than a service that requires them to know complex concepts and concepts like “blockchain technology” and “crypto currency”. FORESTING offers a new ecosystem that integrates the lifestyle and income of people in one mobile application. People can comfortably write comments and send messages

On this platform, the user is provided with everything necessary

The Foresting network will be accessible to any person without the need for prior knowledge of crypto currency or blockhcian. The new concept involves creating a network platform that will allow users to realize the value of creating content. The Foresting network is designed to provide compensation for the creation of content and an income distribution system for suppliers. All types of content are eligible for remuneration, consumption and support in the content system. Foresting hopes to introduce a new ecosystem consisting of representatives of FOREST (community members) working on the concepts of Networking, connectivity and interaction. The ecosystem also includes the following functions,

Foresting platform

Part of Foresting works as a block-network for social networks, which operates within a decentralized system of fair value distribution

The best bank

The heart of the Foresting network is the provision of financial services to maintain the reward for content. This will be available through the institution of digital financing, Foresting Bank

Laboratory Foresting

In addition to supporting activities in the Foresting network, there is community support and the marketing activities of content creators

User interface

The goal of Foresting is to provide users with a convenient and convenient service, which is an intuitive and not a problematic conceptual service

Simplified exchange of tokens

Foresting also allows users to add value to their content by providing them with a secure conversion platform to get money in return

ICO reflections

  • Private sale: April 2018 to May 2018
  • Public sale: July 2018 to August 2018
  • ICO: August 2018 to September 2018
  • Name of the token: PTON
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Model: ERC20
  • Token delivery:

24,000,000,000 tokens • Available for sale: 9,600,000,000 PTON (40%)


It is not superfluous to note that all funds are distributed between platform operators and their shareholders. This would naturally be impossible if it were not for the direct help and interaction of users that contributed to the growth of the platform through common content. The company provides a space where users can share their interests and communicate with their friends for free. At the same time, user data becomes a product sold for advertising, which is the main source of revenue for the company. All existing media today are centralized, and social networks are more vulnerable than ever in terms of security. At any time, hacking or leaking of personal information may occur, which you will agree is very important for the consumer. FORESTING will create a content-oriented platform where the revenue itself will be generated from the content

The Conclusion

FORESTING is a blockchain project that represents a new social media platform that we can not observe on traditional platforms, and the competition to date, you will agree, is very high. FORESTING users will be the true owners of the platform, they will be able to deliver content through the block technology technologies and contribute to the development of the platform. The FORESTING Network includes blocking technology, social media FORESTING, as well as digital banking services for FORESTING Bank and Lab participants for the FORESTING community and content creators. Each of the three departments is divided into their respective roles and roles necessary to meet the core values ​​of FORESTING Network


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