Catena ( DEX ) – Decentralized Exchange with Remarkable Features

Catena seeks to use innovative technologies and algorithms that use blockchain technology, creating a solid platform that eventually breaks down and changes business behavior. Catena is a diversified commercial and trading platform, especially in blockchain technology, as well as a new algorithmic and protocol identification to support the commercial information of the company

The network architecture

AI, developed specifically for distributed platforms and coordinated by the team, allows ETP (an effective trading program) to significantly increase the number of successful events that the customer or supplier / buyer is looking for. Word Optimization and Search Engine Parameters, so the effectiveness of the forum is greatly reduced by adding all other barriers, the trade is a real problem in the world compared to the current time. The IA-ETP, which provides a solid solution for rapidly growing businesses, offers new markets and commercial opportunities for new manufacturers / dealers to all commercial participants

Efficient Treading Platform (ETP)

ETP (Efficient Trading Platform) is designed to use global business growth technologies and to solve fundamental problems. The ETP is a platform that can dominate all relationships between sellers and buyers. Therefore, a forum to ensure that all essential parameters based on immediate development experience provide a strong and flexible business environment that is able to meet different products and services

The characteristics of ETP include


  • It is impossible to false
  • indifference and tolerance

Transparency and ease of use

  • Quick and flexible way to match purchase and sale orders
  • Decentralization
  • Effective execution of orders with spiritual contract smoothing
  • All in an intellectual contract that involves all the parties involved in the commercial activity

The ETP is a smart contract that covers the needs of the buyer / seller transactions and compares it with the criteria and opens the possibility for different subscribers and sellers with the same order / agreement that can be relevant orders. A large number of clients with a minimum subscription volume and a variety of network configurations, inventories available based on pre-registered applications use different delivery options to create a single executable contract, the success of this feature. Users or customers do not need coding skills. However, Catena will only be an interface for selecting and defining certain contractual requirements. The ability to combine different buyers and sellers in a contract creates long-term savings and eliminates many barriers and restrictions with quantitative restrictions, delivery times, shipping instructions and allows small traders, market makers and service providers services to carry out stable commercial transactions


Having a large deployment platform that will allow you to digitize resources will result in increased trading volume of various companies around the world. So you can own in China without moving or even transform it into a fraction of the cost. If all this can be monitored and verified by ETP, it will increase its investment / trading activity on the stock market and lay the foundations for an advanced commercial economy in which everyone can be a buyer / seller or trader

The sequence of the chain according to AI (COMAI)

IA, which is sequentially coordinated, executes strategic algorithms that use mathematical simulation of game theory to determine the best ways to enter the market for perfect business operations. All this is just an ordinary search engine for buyers and sellers. find a science guide for all parts of the trade agreement to determine the ideal solution for a win-win situation when you find a multi-year business in the future. The sequence of chains AI (COMAI) is applied to the negotiations on any product, the crypto variance to the raw materials such as cotton, oil or gold, the same algorithm is applied for the best commercial discoveries and opportunities for our customers. An advanced technology that will promote the chain on all trading and trading platforms, where operators will use this channel primarily to determine the final deal and delicate deal

Given the complex problems of real life, the analysis begins with the rationalization of problems with the basics

  • By proposing axioms and principles
  • Reduce the size (n-player with 2 players)
  • Reduction of available strategies


Use Case examples in the business market


Trading houses: trade in goods and products using Catena


A farmer has to sell an apple, facing many problems with distributors, wholesalers and retailers, to contact the last consumer, including quantity, payment terms, delivery time, registration, etc. order below is a diagram showing how this can be solved in the exchange chain using ETP and COMAI.


Use Case

Commercial Building | Different Buyers and Digital Goods


Buyers want to buy property in Canada, live in China and sellers want to sell their property in Canada and trade through channel exchanges based on their ratings and terms. However, if they have a demand in the real estate investment market, this increases the door open for small buyers to have more options in their portfolios, so law firms can legitimize this deal and resolve it in contractual terms. protecting all parties, have the opportunity to exchange securities held by Catena, since real estate is digitized in Katen with known contracts, even real estate agents can offer the opportunity to buy / sell (all goods or their parts) at any time, which contributes to the quality of the market. Access from high potential markets

Token Sale

The CATENA token is compatible with ERC20 in the blockchain of Ethereum blocks distributed by Catena when selling chips. A CT channel is a service currency that will be important for the operation of the system, as it serves as an activation key for any reasonable contract and will be used in all commercial transactions authorized by this channel


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