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Throughout the world, the problem of environmental pollution is increasingly felt. Every year, the level of toxic gases in the atmosphere increases, climate change becomes more and more noticeable, and flora and fauna increasingly suffer from the amount of debris that is thrown into the seas and oceans or piled up in overcrowded dumps around the globe

The society reacts rather sharply to this situation. Many companies and individuals carry out various actions designed to help reduce the damage caused by nature. Do not lag behind and representatives of show business and people of art – their projects or exhibitions, as well as directly through their art, they are trying to attract more attention to this problem, not only from other citizens, but also from governments

Live Example

As an example, of course, you can call Leonardo DiCaprio. The most popular actor and producer who played in such films as The Beginning, The Wolf from Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, Survivor and many others, he uses all his abilities to purify our planet. He was born in 1974 in Los Angeles, and in the first half of 1990 began his acting career. First shooting in commercials, gradually moving to serials and films, by the 2000s the actor received wide recognition, both the audience and the public, in various genres of cinema. Throughout his career, he showed interest in the growth of environmental instability. Throughout his career, the actor donated more than $ 50 million for various projects to combat this problem, and in 1998 created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is engaged in granting grants in this direction. In 2009, he purchased the island of Blackador, which is building an ecologically clean resort, and in September 2014 he was appointed ambassador of the UN peace on climate. But, of course, not only the stars and world-famous people are concerned with the pollution of our planet


Revolutionary Platform – Greentoken ( GTN )

To date, various start-ups are also aimed at resolving this situation. One such project is Greentoken. One can not help but notice that the amount of garbage produced by mankind increases every year. Get rid of it in two ways – burning, or burial. Combustion utilizes up to 95% of the garbage, but without sorting out the waste, various harmful chemicals are released during the combustion process, which adversely affect the environment in the plant area, and cause various diseases in the local population. Only 10% of countries, those in which there is a high social responsibility, are ready for separate collection of garbage. The rest prefer burial. The problem of garbage disposal is that if earlier most wastes were biological, and nature coped with them, nowadays polymers and various plastic products make this type of utilization practically useless due to the huge decomposition terms (up to 1000 years!). Various toxic substances also penetrate into the soil and into the water, contaminating and poisoning them




The Greentoken’s Solution


The solution to this problem was found by Greentoken , which processes 100% of any waste, whether it is solid domestic, medical or industrial waste, without harm to the environment and without prior sorting. Processing takes place without access to oxygen at temperatures up to 1300 degrees due to the pyrolysis reactor, which was originally used to produce synthesis gas – a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the industry. Also from the synthesis gas are obtained – methanol, dimethyl ether, hydrogen and other chemical products. Greentoken is the first project to use reactors of this type in the field of processing and utilization of solid domestic waste ( SDW ). The synthesis gas produced in the process is used to generate heat and electricity through gas turbine and gas-piston generators, as well as synthesis gas is used for the production of foam glass. The bulk of the energy received will go to the operation of an industrial greenhouse complex with an area of ​​20 hectares and a vegetable storehouse for 10,000 tons. The volume of production will be more than 12 thousand tons of fruit and vegetable products per year. Foam glass is a universal material for insulation of residential buildings and industrial enterprises. It has such qualities as heat insulation and sound insulation, as well as protects against moisture penetration. This material is very much in demand, but there are quite a few enterprises involved in production and supply, since production requires a lot of energy in the form of gas and electricity and it is necessary to provide the enterprise with glass in the form of raw materials. Buy ready glass for the production of foam glass turns out rather expensive at cost. To provide raw materials in the form of glass containers and cullet, it is also necessary to organize their collection. And for this the industry is still undeveloped and is in its infancy. The garbage processing complex Greentoken will produce up to 140,000 cubic meters of foam glass from glass cullet per year. In February 2018, Greentoken successfully tested a reduced copy of the pyrolysis reactor in Germany in the laboratory of the author of the technology. Their purpose was to check the technical feasibility and functionality of the pyrolysis reactor, as well as to determine and evaluate the synthesized gas and coke at the outlet

The Goal

Greentoken ‘s global goal is to create an environmentally safe, cost-effective and cost-effective waste-processing complex that will help to combat the global pollution problem. In the course of its work, finished products with high added value are obtained. With its help, the depth of waste recycling is increased to 100% and the result of the activity is the stopping of garbage disposal. In Kazakhstan, it is planned to allocate 54 hectares of land for the construction of a pilot complex, directly next to the current waste disposal site. Subsequently, similar projects based on this technology will be located throughout the country, then the whole world. Studies conducted in America showed that in 2010 humanity reached the point of no return and it became unsafe to store waste on our planet. Every year, only the countries of Europe pay more than a billion dollars in order to utilize garbage. This sphere needs innovative approaches and solutions, because the life and prosperity of mankind depends on it not only at the moment, but also in the future. That’s why what Greentoken is doing is so important. They saw in garbage not only a problem, but also a resource that can be used to obtain useful products while helping to cope with the worldwide problem of pollution of the planet with debris from human life

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