MenaPay ( MPA ) – Game Changer in the Payment Gateway Sector

The Banking facility in Africa and the Middle East are less developed. However, people from these countries clearly want to receive useful tools for financial transactions. The MenaPay project is specifically designed to solve this problem: this is a mobile payment application that is supported in Arabic. This project plans to enter the market of 18 countries, where 420 million potential users live. 75% of total platform revenue will be distributed to MenaPay owners

The main benefit of this system may be the promise that the systemic chip (MenaCash) will always be equivalent to the US dollar. Complete references to dollar exchange rates make it a reliable tool for payment, settlement and retention. At the same time, MenaPay will be able to offer simple and practical solutions with the high-quality interfaces for Arabic. An exclusive SDK portfolio, desktop and cellular computers, and an easy-to-use control panel will be developed and implemented

What features does the platform offer?


The project says it creates new standards in the cryptography industry. This project,

  • Offers P2P levels (among participants directly)
  • P2M (commercial payment)
  • M2F (transactions between operators and funds)
  • and there will be a mining available

The Token

The term of the new exchange is Mpay. In total, this structure will have 400 million tokens, of which 256 million will be sold. The token selling price is $ 0.165 per unit. The low commission is $ 5 million, the upper limit is $ 25 million. This project is registered in Dubai and is not prohibited anywhere. The exact date of sale is still unknown. However, according to information on the road map, sales are scheduled for November

How will distribute all the tokens

  • 64% will be sold
  • 16% of consultants and teams
  • 15% discount for marketing
  • reserve for 5% of production

Investment distribution

  • 10% commercial development
  • 15% operating and administrative costs
  • 30% of product and infrastructure development costs
  • 5% legal issues
  • and an additional 40% will be used for marketing



Website and documentation


Project web pages are available in three languages: English, Chinese and Arabic. The design is very attractive, designed qualitatively. There are answers to all questions that might attract investors. All Links Work in the lower right corner of the screen is a mini chat table. This site also includes a 2-page presentation document

The Team

This project is not afraid to place all its employees on the network. This site has 40 board members and 24 working group members who have links to profiles on LinkedIn

Social networking

At present, this project is very popular with users and continues to actively develop its success. To date (August 19), the official group of Telegram – 15,935 participants, Instagram – 2305 Facebook – 3685, 15300 Twitter, Youtube – 8536. This blog is active in the area.

Token Sale

The program’s token sale campaign has allocated US $ 500,000. The campaign will begin on August 17 and will last at least 8 weeks. Fund distribution:

  • 15% of the Twitter collection
  • 10% to support FB
  • 10% support at Telegram
  • 25% of the blogosphere and media programs
  • 5% of translator campaigns
  • 35% of subscription campaigns


The RoadMap


When the application is launched, all systems are planned for September and major sales will be made at the end of November. In January 2019, traders will be connected. In April, the launch of face recognition technology was planned to improve transaction security. And in May, this project plans to cover 5 million users! In June, the total system market will reach $ 1 billion. In December, the company will launch P2P loan opportunities and integrate artificial intelligence in the workplace


Advantages of MenaPay






  • This platform is based on a decentralized blockchain technology that provides a secure and transparent user transaction environment
  • The MenaPay application allows you to withdraw money from the MenaCash cryptographic currency. Here, users can take MenaCash tokens through Dana MenaPay
  • It is known that volatiles with unstable loads of Cryptocurrencies, MenaCash stabilized, with the backing of the dollar, which is equivalent to 1 counter of MenaCash cryptocurrencies at any time
  • MenaPay This application is easy to use with a simple interface for desktop and mobile applications, API and SDK for easy integration. In addition, the Arab interface is available, since the target market is the Middle East and many other functions
  • The MenaPay application uses an incentive system that will be motivated and rewarded by the cardholder and the user. The objective of this project is to share 75% of the income and benefits among the owners of the MenaPay tokens. The users of the platform will be rewarded according to their level of participation
  • The reference markets are reluctant to use traditional banks because of their religious beliefs. The MenaPay project consists of non-Islamic and isometric banking solutions (100%) based on the blockchain protocol
  • The population of the target population does not have banking services due to a poor and conservative Islamic approach. The MenaPay platform will replace banks with people created to meet their daily needs and global transactions
  • On the platform, premium MenaPay operators will offer special discounts only for MenaPay users
  • Cryptocurency can not be used in daily transactions due to the contractor. This platform will build a network of online stores to provide high visibility, easy access and large scale adaptation to cryptography
  • Cryptovalute will receive a billing platform for payments, and MenaPay cards can be purchased by bank transfer or credit card. You can pay tokens at the door when users use independent transactions


The Conclusion



MenaPay is the first system unit based on a payment gateway with full support of the Middle East and Africa. MenaPay replaces traditional payment methods with a fully compatible encrypted string. It provides a secure and transparent payment gateway that guarantees a transaction for all aspects of daily life. The MenaPay project was launched in November 2017 as a result of the main payment method for 420 million people in 18 countries. MenaPay will distribute 75% of the total revenues and benefits among the owners of MenaPay. at a sectoral level, a new standard is established based on the profitability of participation in encryption, in addition to the usual incentives for users and investors



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