NeoGame ( TKT ) – Revolution in Gambling

The goal of this project is to change the game’s principles throughout the industry. The case of Isart is still based on DOG-EDGE the principle that casinos or organizers always have an advantage. Blockchain with the advent of technology, the organizers do not need: people can bet without intermediaries and claim their profits without paying commissions. With the launch of Neogame, we have begun this transformation process and we believe that the majority of the global gaming industry will ultimately use the nonprofit model. The Neogame project is not like a traditional lottery and we want to show the world that blockchain can be a turning point, Traditional lotteries have very simple organizations. The lottery house sells tickets and leaves half the proceeds of the pot, the second part for the owner. This number may be more or less than half, but you can be sure Traditional lotteries are games with negative expectations. On the other hand, Neoogames is completely different. This project creates independent lotteries and lotteries, can continue to operate and achieve total transparency through the Ethereum key chain, which will allocate all the money to the last cent, using clear algorithms written in smart contract lotteries. Neogame is a lottery without a host. He does not have a third party owner or recipient. After the launch of the project, the team will lose control of the lottery and the project will act as an independent decentralized organization (DAO), the contract will be completed and become the owner of the Pinatar team. Character symbols can affect the algorithm or get results, and no third party is allowed to receive dividends for the number of games. For-profit play, the advantage of the icon-holder depends solely on the increase in the cost of the token that revolves around the design logic. Growth markers are markers to better understand why tokens need to raise prices

Ethical mission

Organizations and investments in gambling can be related to the secrets of certain ethical issues. What many players have become dependent on the game can have social consequences in relation to drug addiction or online gambling. The growth of this problem is that the game becomes easier. Being addicted to drugs, you can play longer in the comfort of your home. The cries and customer service provided by these casino operators are hampered by their addiction and continue to try to ensure that players still have problems in the game. According to the National Gambling Council, 1% of the population US Law, it has a pathological addiction to the game and up to 3% can be considered a problem with the player. Problems with players are the main source of money in this sector and will continue throughout the game to remain a lucrative business. They will be non-commercial projects for games on laptops, they can gradually exclude traders who depend on market growth. When the gaming industry enters a decentralized and non-commercial model, the game becomes more human: if the game does not work, non-partisan operators are not interested in attracting affiliated player organizations. Lottery players, who are often low-income families from rich countries. For example, low-income families in the United States spend up to 9% of their income on lottery tickets. About 60% of people over the age of 18 (90 million people) play lotteries in the United States and 20% do so regularly, spending each year up to 50-160 US dollars per person

The lottery market is in no hurry to connect and lottery games dominate and new online projects represent only a small part of the market. A traditional lottery with a very large house at home, about 50% of ticket sales still have a significant market share. in combination with new opportunities that create favorable conditions for the launch of new non-commercial games.

The lottery will use its own cryptanalytic – Ticket Token (TKT), based on the Ethereum block chain





Ticket tokens are utility tokens with the following three functions


  • Lottery tickets Players buy token, choose combinations digitally through decentralized applications and send tokens to smart lottery contracts
  • events included in the prize pool. The jackpot consists of tokens, tickets and all the prizes mentioned at TKT. The jackpot is very easy to change compared to token, which allows you to change the size of the jackpot as an indicator of price increases
  • Cryptanalysis which can be exchanged for predictable exchange rate fluctuations. TKT will be registered by the Crypto Currency Exchange and the value must be unstable and control the controlled effect of the token growth factor

The TKT token is produced by the ERC20 standard and a compatible portfolio supports the Ethereum-based markers. This allows the project to continue operating and continue operating in the Ethereum blockchain, independent of other external factors

Cyclic units are associated with lottery characters, which indicates a regular cycle between accumulated accumulated premiums that influence consumer behavior. These factors act in synergy to increase the cycle of exchange rate fluctuations. Periodic jackpot growth. This factor is common to all lotteries: a price increase between the winning jackpot increases the demand for lottery tickets. In the Neogame application for lottery tickets and symbolic prices will increase simultaneously. Reduce the number of tokens for free circulation. Standard lotteries have unlimited ticket numbers. However, in Neogame the token count is limited by the initial volume of radiation. There are no more tokens at the bank that accumulates, less tickets are left in free circulation

Regular driver

Increase the number of players. Given the limited token bid, the increase in the number of players must have a positive impact on the TKT value. The concept of non-commercial lottery has a number of advantages for the players. We hope that other players can access Neogame and improve the token as information about the distribution of Neogame in the media and word of mouth.

It is hoped that the most significant difference between TKT the token will be used more extensively by the system itself. For example, Ether’s primary purpose is to pay for transactions and services on the Ethereum network. In the last year, less than 1% of the esters produced have been used for the intended purpose, which is enough to make coins and invest in cryptoterminism




The Conclusion

With many Neogame token, from the first match, they will share the lottery to make the prize winner where they live, provided someone does not reach the bank. Google: games with limited resources and significant changes in market availability. As a result, their vulnerability to the impact of growth factors must be very high and exchange rate fluctuations must also be significant


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