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The Status Security (STS) ICO Project, which can perform a revolution in the whole crypto-currency world if it succeeds on its own tokens. Status Security (STS) aims to bring tokens, stock exchanges, brokers, traders and investors together on a decentralized, secure, stable and transparent network. This revolutionary cryptographic currency focuses more on security and efficiency in transactions. In this context, cryptography will use peer-to-peer technology to provide worldwide availability and stability to the money-based financial market


Industrial revolutions have always dominated and changed the world at large. In the 18th century, with the rise of special-purpose coal-powered machinery, it enabled the mechanization of textile and agricultural industries. The second industrial revolution took place in the twentieth century after nearly two centuries, and saw technological advances initiated by the emergence of new energy sources: electricity, gas and oil. Henry Ford’s mastery of the moving assembly line and the performance of the mass production system

The third took place around 1969, about half a century later, with the emergence of nuclear energy. This began with the rise of electrical devices such as transistors and microprocessors, telecommunications, computer, space research and biotechnology

The fourth industrial revolution took place in only thirty years. During this period, the internet appeared. Rather than rooting into a new energy line like the first three periods, this industrial revolution created a new technological phenomenon – digitization. We can express the physical as the construction of a virtual world to which we can direct. When these transformations take place, a fifth industrial revolution is waiting for us! And it looks like this will happen with blockchain technology

Unique block and node ecosystem with blockchain technology ensures that all transactions can be added to the chain, which can not be, deleted or changed; all transactions can be transparent and monitored; as well as the removal of intermediaries and brokers such as banks altogether. In this respect, it is evaluated that it will be a great revolutionary movement all over the world

STS Token Details

Status Security (STS) Token intends to create a stable and secure environment in which the investors who enter the cryptographic world for the first time and the experienced investors can make transactions with crypto money with peace of mind. How is it? The Project Team is seeking to develop a State-Based Incentive Program (SBIP), which has not been done before in parallel with the rapid increase in applications for cripro banknotes and technological development. Using this model, STS Token owners will be given various incentives. The SBIP program will give confidence and courage to the STS token holders that the market value of the token will continuously rise. With this methodology, uncertainties in the market will also be eliminated. But, of course, you should not forget that. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully predict the behavior of people in the crypto-money world and the value movements in the market. Within the scope of the project, an investor community is encouraged to protect money even during fluctuations in the market. Through this investor community, it is aimed to provide a stabilization in the market related to STS tokens. As a matter of fact, Bitcoin was the victim of the extreme volatility of the crypto money market. Reaching $ 19,783.21 per BTC on December 17, falling to $ 5,000 in July 2018. The main objective of the STS token ecosystem is to prevent the formation of the investor community behind such large fluctuations in the market. In fact, the reasons for such fluctuations can be illustrated by several factors. However, one of the biggest causes is mass dumping – that is, putting stop losses with small profits. Think of a world where people know how to do HODL. It is targeted not only by al -sat transactions, but also by creating a profit-making system by doing HODL

STS Wallet

The STS Wallet application is a portal that brings together all of your STS tokens to store, send, follow, and most importantly, all of them for long-term growth. It will be a practically useful application for Android, iOS and Microsoft operating systems

ICO and Token Information

The project token is the STS token of the ERC 20 standard. A total of 10 billion will be tokens. Those who hold these tokens in their wallets are those who have made HODL; The STS will be rewarded with STS token for the duration of the HODL (stake). Examples of the proportions of these awards can be found on the project whitepaper

The first phase of project token sales ended on August 15, 2018. The second phase ended on August 31, 2018. You can now join token sales with a 3% bonus between 1 – 30 September 2018. You can go to the email address by writing your question marks in the head regarding sales.

Project team

The CEO of the project is Orlando Untayao II. He is currently a business analyst at Schneider Electric’s well-known company; Status Security also acts as a technology consultant for the named initiative. The other members of the project are blockchain, crypto money trading, information and communication technology, and those who have improved themselves in the field of market expertise. I would also like to express to you that you are a member of Tuncay Aktürkisim Türk as project manager

The Conclusion

The most important part of the project is the SBIP model. If this model succeeds on the STS token, it will be applicable to the entire crypto-currency world. In this respect, the stabilization of the project, especially in the price movements of the crypto money world, I am evaluating that it is a beautiful and promising project to prevent excessive fluctuations

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