BitSong ( BTSG ) – Revolutionary Platform for the Artist and Listeners

Right now, on the Ethereum blockchain, many enterprises have been created and launched. Some of them manage to stay afloat and embody their ideas, while others evaporate as a result of the bearish stage of the market. Be that as it may, enterprises with strong fundamentals and progressive thoughts are a special case that moves forward even in this difficult economic situation. These initiatives convey an extraordinary incentive to the market and in the process and those who support these ideas. A lift of these successful start-ups will join another interesting project. This enterprise provides another promising creation for the block, besides it will provide the opportunity for decentralization in the gigantic existing industry, namely in the music industry. The name of this project is Bitsong. Indeed, Bitsong is not yet another digital money enterprise, but is one of the few enterprises that are trying to bring some major changes to the technology world. Bitsong is a project that is based on the blockbuster Ethereum and which tries to decentralize the music industry. Since we generally think that most projects are aimed at monopoly and financial gain, Bitsong has yet another task – to destroy this stereotype for the majority of users



The BitSong music platform is the best option for both beginning and experienced musicians. Also, developers are offering it to musicians to create high-quality content using a platform. The listeners will also be able to encourage their favorite musicians, thereby stimulating them to create new songs and albums.
Also there are bonuses for advertisers who will be able to insert their ads while the music is playing. Yes it does not look very convenient, but for the fact that the user will listen to the advertisement, he will get a couple of songs with 90% of the advertising profit. Looks good!

Thanks to the introduction of blockchain, technology. the platform will be decentralized, thereby becoming transparent to both listeners and artists.
Developers of the BitSong platform will give their customers the opportunity to download, view, place advertising content in their songs, which increases trust between musicians and listeners and reduces various costs. Mostly, the platform positions itself as a barrier to possible bureaucratic obstacles in the music sphere, while rewarding all users for their active participation in the development of the project with their own tokens. It’s not a secret that in many so-called musical charts there is a corruption component with which a certain singer can jump to the top on the list. The BitSong platform will help create a transparent and safe music ecosystem through the use of the block system, thus eradicating corruption in this area

Today, many people of different ages are trying to make their way to the music arena, to make themselves known to the whole world. Especially if this performer or author is ambitious enough. But unfortunately many of them face a number of problems that prevent them from developing and fully reveal their potential. Now I will tell you about the project, which is going to radically change the musical sphere. BitSong is the first decentralized site that provides streaming music. It’s the main feature is that it works thanks to modern blocking technology, namely the Ethereum network block. The BitSong project consists of a team of people, some of whom in the past have themselves been dedicated to all the musical subtleties of this field of activity. They are familiar with all the negative aspects of the music industry, especially those concerning beginners and young authors and performers. After studying a lot of similar projects, I came to the conclusion that BitSong does not have strong competitors in this field of activity

The main advantages of the BitSong platform

  • Download
    You can download new songs for free and can create your own music channel on the BitSong platform on a seasonal basis and get your own copyright mark that will help you become more popular in a relatively short time, and also build your own audience around the world
  • Sale
    The BitSong platform will help you sell your songs to anyone and for any price, in addition, you can receive bonuses from music lovers to stay motivated and work harder.
  • Bonuses
    As a music lover, if you are interested in any song of any artist, you can support the artist by making him a so-called donation. Thanks to this you will be able to get more music from your favorite artist on the BitSong platform.
  • Earnings
    You can also earn a BitSong token during the game. Yes, it is very easy and very useful for everyone. On this platform, you can both earn tokens and sell your tokens at any time on exchanges.
  • Listening
    You can listen to your songs on any TV, smartphone or PC at any time from anywhere in the world. You can easily connect your TV, smartphone or PC to the BitSong platform to play your songs.
  • Sponsorship
    BitSong allows you to sponsor your songs. On this platform, you can sponsor your song or any song to make it even better

The Conclusion

We believe that the BitSong platform is a real find for the music industry. Personally, I and many music fans would like to have on my device an application on which you can not only listen to music but also perform such interesting functions as I told in this article. With a high degree of probability I will say that the project will achieve its goals


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