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Today, there are many projects that provide products and services that allow key users to more easily use cryptography and create infrastructure for applications that run on block chains. The main branches of cryptocurrency are exchanges, stock exchanges, payments and extraction. Today, hundreds of cryptographic currencies are exchanged and the number of unique users actively using encrypted currency exchange is estimated at 2.9-5.8 million people

The Exchange

Exchange is one of the first services to appear in the cryptographic sector. Exchange plays an important role in cryptographic economics, providing markets with exchanges, liquidity and opening prices. Crypto Exchange provides internal currency cryptography and other cryptographic currencies and other services for the purchase and sale of digital assets

Exchange P2P-brokers

Peer-to-peer exchange is not yet widespread, but there are only two of 51 P2P exchanges that offer decentralized encryption of encryption. Currently, Local bitcoin and Plaxful dominate P2P BTC exchanges around the world. In the last weeks of March 2018, trading volumes in local markets and other exchanges in P2P saw an increase in volume in the various markets ($ 75 million per week)

Advantages of P2P exchange

  • People deal with people. This provides flexibility that has never existed before in a distributed trading environment
  • Ability to negotiate directly with others, share, evaluate, and share trading experiences

BQT platform

The BQT Exchange platform provides a safe, interactive and flexible P2P trading environment and an easy-to-use interface for managing various types of cryptographic asset transactions. With the BQT platform, operators can directly discuss cryptocurrency asset transactions and share their experiences with the community. The purpose of BQT is to build community and culture crypts, to support the community and get benefits from the community. To increase the throughput of various cryptographic resources, BQT introduced the Hedge Trades system. The scope of the BQT trading system is a flexible way for traders to quickly obtain cryptographic assets by deleting existing codes

The Organization

Responsibility practices and groups are aimed at creating applications that provide customers with important things and organizations that enable electronic use and perpetuate execution in block boxes. Open Despite the fact that many important actors and strange things participate in Mazuma’s electronic sector, today there are four important electronic organizations Mazuma:


  • exchange
  • portfolio
  • Some companies
  • mining industry
  • exchange


Trade is one of the main organizations born in the electronic cash sector. An important stock exchange was developed in mid-2010 as a license that allows customers to collect excellent coins and recognize the value of the Emporium in this direction. Recently, Crypto Exchanges has provided organizations that receive and supply e-mail and other e-mail and other electronic resources and expect most of the e-marsuma monetary items. Give liquidity and respect for the market. In the final draw in March 2018, other transaction volumes in P2P organizations recognize an increase in active markets with visual diversity, the total number continues to increase to $ 75 million. Canadian and European P2P markets provide record numbers. In March the BTC / IDR contract, he recorded local purchases in March 580 dollars, which is the third largest in P2P trade in Vietnam, 3.725 billion baht

Easy sample

Traders dispose of BTC, issue the recommended amount of the P2P exchange CPA and provide BTC with BQT which is deposited with a 20% premium. In addition, someone encourages other traders, including ETH, to get a 30-day security deposit, so that ETH can be used at this stage. Trader B (hedging provider) can discuss this requirement by answering with recommendations and requesting the most important premiums and / or shorter periods. Trader C (other hedging producers) can respond with other recipes and agree to the best conditions for hedge beneficiaries. They believe that the demand for acceptance of Crypto’s explored assets has been met with the basic requirements of various confidential assets and agreed directly with the employees’ traders

The Services

Many plans and companies will provide products and services, simplify the use of electrical systems for key users, create infrastructure for additional purposes and register workers. Officially in this case, not only the electrical equipment industry, but also the period, many participants and large companies

BQT (ICO) currency initial offer

BQT launched the Initial Coin Placement (ICO) campaign, releasing 2 million ERC 20 markers (BQTX) issued at the end of the ICO in July 2018. BQT will charge a commission of 1% and a commission fee of 3% for instant transactions from hedging transactions. All commissions are paid only on BQTX tokens to guarantee the use of cash and tokens. In addition, BQTX tokens can be used as collateral in certain transactions or added as collateral


The Conclusion


Exchange BQT is a cryptographic trading platform. Exchange BQT is one of the most advanced and reliable platforms for a cryptographic trading platform with greater security, which is one of the safest, fastest and most powerful platforms today. A secure, interactive and flexible P2P trading environment and its community provide an easy-to-use interface for managing various types of cryptosport. This platform aims to make cryptographic transactions very simple and convenient in a secure environment, which is the central value of simplicity and accessibility. The evolution of technology and the digital world has created the need for a new cryptography currency and, at the same time, cases of theft by weak systems often occur in the absence of reliable protection to protect cryptographic resources. The main reason for many of these hacks is the lack of security with a security and depth approach and weak rules. The BQT Exchange platform exploits the destructive power of block-chain technology to achieve a revolution in the trade. With the introduction of block-chain technology, electronic commerce is carried out in a secure, deterministic and immutable way


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